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Frequently ask qustions

Yes, Keytracing can import your data if it is in most table formats.  

Yes, Keytracing support the most languages.

Pricing is based on the number of assets that you need to put in the system that way you never overpay.

Yes, as data is transferred back and forth it is encrypted to keep it secure.

Under login click reset password and follow the instructions on the screen.

Yes, the dashboard is 100 % customizable.

No, we do not supply support for onsite audits. We can audit the data you have in our system and let you know if you are missing any documentation.

Yes, use the contact at the top of the page to schedule an onsite demonstration.


Yes, we can set you up with a free 3-day trial or give you login details to look at test sample.

There is no dowload required it is 100% cloud based.

Yes, we are currenly in devolment of a app it will be launched very soon.

Yes, our servers are set to do regular backups your data is alway available.