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Time and Convenience

Here at Key Tracing we understand that time is a precious commodity for any business, and the more time spent at their facility, the more productive the organization can be.

For instance, employees who have to attend a three-four day off-site training will also need to calculate additional days for travel, which could add up to a full work week spent away from the office, resulting in an employee not fully attending to normal responsibilities.

If such training were conducted on-site, the employees will gain back the travel time, which can be spent on regular duties.

On-site training can be scheduled during a downtown in the companies workflow. This provides employees with the opportunity of being at the facility where they work every day. On-site training gives the employee a chance to demonstrate to the instructor the challenges that they may face.


On-site training allows the instructor to work with the company's employees to be able to accurately train them on their own assets. Instructors have the ability to familiarize, and come up with further insights into how they can apply the training to scenarios that an employee deals with on a daily basis.


With on-site training you can provide the best educational experience in a cost effective way. The companies can potentially train dozens of employees in the facility at one time, saving you both time and money.


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